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Benedict Cumberbatch Central celebrates 6 years online!

Happy 6th anniversary to us! 🎉

On this day, in 2015, we went online as Cumberbatch Brasil, this little project of ours, and we had no idea of how incredible this journey would be. Many things happened between then and now, the site changed a lot but it’s still the same. You welcomed us with open arms, supported us even if the posts were in a language you didn’t quite understand and appreciated all the hard work we did. Changing the site’s name and language was natural and expected, even if we never planned for it.

All we have to say is: thank you so much for everything. Literally everything. The amount of love and support we get from you is still overwhelming and we do our best day after day not to take it all for granted. If we are still here, it’s all because of you.

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we uploaded to our gallery 6 UHQ photos from the photoshoot for Benedict’s first cover for TIME, back in 2013!