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Benedict Cumberbatch is on Hello! magazine’s 2022 Kind List

Benedict made it to Hello! magazine’s 2022 Kind List for helping Ukrainian refugees this year! Here are the very kind words they wrote about him:

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch kindly pledged to house a Ukrainian refugee family this year. Spurred on by his desire to help, the kind-hearted Sherlock actor didn’t stop with helping one family seek refuge in the UK.

The TV star also financially supported other Ukrainian families, nationals that are UK citizens, so they were able to house their extended families who were fleeing the war.

“I’ve been trying to help other Ukrainian families – nationals that are UK citizens – to house their extended families en masse, which you know they want to do, but it’s very costly,” he said. “So, I’ve been trying to help out with that financially in a couple of instances.”

Working with the wonderful charity called Refugees at Home, Benedict also urged other people in the UK to take action and help where they could with the Ukrainian cause.

Sara Nathan OBE, co-founder and trustee of charity Refugees at Home told HELLO!: “Benedict is such a powerful advocate for our charity. He has been a long-standing supporter, and was one of the first to step forward and offer to host a Ukrainian guest when war broke out.

“The refugees and asylum seekers we work with are fleeing conflict and persecution back home, and Benedict understands that what is needed is warmth, kindness and an awareness of our shared humanity.

“We don’t receive any funding from the government and we are totally reliant on support from our donors and on the goodwill of our hosts and volunteers.

“Having a high profile advocate like Benedict on board is so important to Refugees at Home, and we honestly can’t thank him enough.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky recognised his efforts and great kindness.

Zelensky said: “I’ve had a conversation with the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. I am sincerely grateful to him for solidarity with our state and our people.

“It is important that the topic of Ukraine remains the key one. And such famous people help us get through to those nations whose government does not support Ukraine.”