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Benedict to star in ‘The Thing with Feathers’

Brilliant news!! Deadline has just revealed Benedict is set to star in The Thing with Feathers, the film adaptation of Max Porter’s critically acclaimed, much-awarded first novel Grief is the Thing With Feathers, about a father and his two young sons who find themselves unable to function and overcome with grief after the sudden death of their wife and mother.

The film is to be directed and written by Dylan Southern (Meet Me in The Bathroom, Shut Up and Play the Hits). Benedict will play the father who becomes haunted by a strange creature known as ”Crow”, which seems to have been brought to life from the pages of his own work as an illustrator. It becomes a very real, very important part of their lives that ultimately guides them through their grief.

Adam Ackland and Leah Clarke of SunnyMarch are co-producing with Andrea Cornwell (Saint Maud, The Essex Serpent). The script was developed with Film4, which will both executive produce and co-finance. The Crow will be created for the screen in collaboration with the sculptor Nicola Hicks.

On the project, Benedict said:

Having been a huge fan of Max Porter’s extraordinary book and Enda Walsh’s stage adaptation I was skeptical about a film adaptation. But the experience of reading Dylan Southern’s adaptation rekindled the cinematic memory of reading this most visceral tale of a family consumed by grief.

Dylan has handled the deftness of Max’s kinetic poetry masterfully. It’s so well realized both on the page and in the deck and pitch. It holds all the wildly sharp turns of changing tones and colors between the domestic and mythic, between the despair, comedy, and every day of loss. It’s a thrilling read, and I couldn’t be more excited to be taking Dylan’s cinematic vision of it to the big screen.

Author Max Porter shared his enthusiasm saying:

I love Dylan Southern’s adaptation of Grief is the Thing With Feathers. Dylan understands how this story is just as much about domesticity, awkward humour, the silly, fun and strange routines of raising children, as it is about inexplicable rage and pain. In Crow he has created something wild, a cinematic monster unlike anything else.

He also shared the news on Twitter:

We can’t wait to have more details about the production!