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Cameron Jack on Benedict: “He was extremely caring”

Actor Cameron Jack talked with Absolute Music Chat about his work on Patrick Melrose and lavished praise on Benedict! Take a look:

DB: You were also in Patrick Melrose which stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

CJ: Yes, I was. Nina Gold’s an incredible casting director (Star Wars, Game of Thrones) she was casting Patrick Melrose and there’s a couple of scenes in a treatment centre when Patrick goes onto rehab, and they were looking for a Scottish drug addict. They were having a conversation in the office and I believe two of her associates came up with my name. I went in, read for it and had a couple of days on that.

Benedict Cumberbatch is just an incredible actor. I’ve never seen an actor that gracious, with that much talent. He said hello to all the extras, he came and introduced himself to all the people who were around for a day or two, was extremely caring, very compassionate. I very rarely sit opposite somebody in a scene and think, ‘Wow!’ It’s only happened to me twice, once was Benedict and the other was Gary Oldman on The Dark Knight Rises, where I’ve thought, ‘I think I’m in the presence of genius here.’ Most of us there’s a little bit of blagging, a little bit of talent, a little bit of charm and all those things that come together but I sat there at the read through, watched him and I thought, ‘I completely understand why you’re a star.’ He just oozes charisma, he’s intense, got great comedy timing, emotional, interesting to look at – he’s just got everything. Just to share a couple of scenes with him was brilliant but again… a drug addict. (Both laugh)

That’s just lovely, isn’t it? You can read the whole interview here.


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