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Letters Live launches #ReadALetter campaign

The lovely people at Letters Live released a video of Benedict Cumberbatch reading a letter to the audience in which he invited us to take part of their new campaign: #ReadALetter.

Dear Friends,

Hello. I hope this letter finds you in good spirits as we navigate this truly surreal crisis.

Since 2013, we at Letters Live have been inviting performers to bring letters to life in memorable venues around the world. With our ‘Read A Letter’ campaign, we’re opening the stage extremely wide and would love for the world (you!) to share letters to the heroes on the frontline; letters to relatives in need; letters to strangers who have stepped up and made a difference; letters to neighbouring families, streets, towns and countries; letters from teachers to their isolated pupils or to the parents who now find themselves home-schooling; letters to those in power; letters to a population crying out for words of comfort.

You could record yourself reading an important letter you have wanted to send, or a cherished letter you once received. It could be a favourite letter of yours that offers hope in our current crisis or a prescient warning too important to be ignored. It may simply be a favourite letter of yours that may brighten everyone’s day. (I am obliged to say that if you’re not reading your own letter, you must, please, ask the letter writer’s permission.)

So, all you need to do is this:

– Film yourself reading a letter. Use your phone, just as I am.

– If you’re camera shy, point your phone at something else while you read: the letter itself, the view from your window, your adorable dog.

– Before you read the letter, tell us who it’s to and who it’s from, and if you can, tell us why you’ve chosen it.

– Post the video to Twitter or Instagram or whichever corner of the internet you frequent, remembering to include the hashtag #ReadALetter and tag @letterslive so we can then share your reading. Alternatively, if you don’t use social media, send the clip to so we can share the letter for you.

– Spread the word by nominating another person to write a letter. That’s it.

Thank you in advance for taking part. Stay connected. Stay safe. Stay at home.

Yours in isolation,

Benedict, and all at Letters Live.

You watch the videos they are sharing and see more information on their Twitter profile.


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