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New “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” interview for Film4

Film4 released a brand-new interview with Benedict, Claire Foy and director/co-writer Will Sharpe on The Electrical Life of Louis Wain and the man himself. It’s really, really, really lovely. We’re especially found of the way Benedict explained the film’s core theme:

What we really wanted to highlight is the idea that a successful life is a life that experiences love and connection.

And if you struggle, in terms of mental health with feeling different or behaving differently or seeing things differently to what seems to be the normal or the prescriptive norm, then that’s all right and you should still have somebody in your life, hopefully, and the world around you to help you celebrate what is true to you.

And that’s very much what happens with Louis with his relationship with Emily. He finds someone who is brave, focused on him and what he has to offer, and gives him an emotional language to understand things he struggles with and to find a purpose that sustains him throughout his whole life.

It’s love and connection, that’s really what the film is about.

Please, check it out below: