The Site

Benedict Cumberbatch Central was born as a way of gratitude for all the support and love Cumberbatch Brasil was getting from its foreigners visitors.

When we created Cumberbatch Brasil, our aim was to provide all Benedict content in Brazilian Portuguese, including interviews, videos and articles, to Brazilians fans who didn’t know English or didn’t understand it very well. By doing that, we hoped that we would promote more of Benedict’s work in our country. We started simple, on Tumblr, and we just hoped that people from our country would get to know and appreciate our work. We didn’t have many expectations when we launched the site, to be honest.

However, what we did not expect, not even in our wildest dreams, was that fans from around the world would find our little site and not only follow us, but appreciate what we do, interact with us and help us to grow. It blew our minds (and it still does) that everyone was consuming our content, without caring that it was in a language they didn’t understand since they were never intended to be our main target. This fandom welcomed us with open arms and with a huge smile upon its face, and for that we will be forever grateful.

And, honestly, there is no better way to express our gratitude than creating a space dedicated to you, to provide you the same content we put on Cumberbatch Brasil, but now in a language that you understand, in a way that is directed at you. You deserve that.

Thank you for everything.