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Welcome to Benedict Cumberbatch Central!

Hello, everyone! Make yourself at home and welcome to Benedict Cumberbatch Central, a fansite destined to update you with everything related to British actor Benedict Cumberbatch!

This fansite is actually part of Cumberbatch Brasil, Brazilian fansite dedicated to Benedict which has been online since 2015. Due to the increasing number of visitors from different countries and to the love and support we’ve been getting from them along the years, we decided that it was long overdue to have a place for them, made with the same love and dedication we have for our “eldest”.

The same work we do on CBR, we will do here as well, providing you with the latest news and photos of Benedict, always respecting his work and his privacy. We are also working on building this site with a filmography archive, a press archive (with the most important articles and press interviews with Benedict) and a video archive (with as many videos as we can). It might take us a long time to finish everything but we are happy to accept the challenge!

Feel free to browse our website (we’ve got a few pages done already) and our gallery, which now has a new look! If you find any bugs or errors please, don’t hesitate to inform us.

We hope you like this project as much as we do!


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    1. Hello. No permission (especially from Benedict) was needed. You probably tried to buy it when the domain was still registered on the name of the previous owner. When a domain is already registered, the seller will try to contact the owner to sell it to you. But domains lose their registered name about one year after it not being renewed. That’s when I bought it.

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