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Xochitl Gomez and Benedict raced with golf carts on the ‘Doctor Strange’ set

Xochitl Gomez shared an adorable anecdote from the set of Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness with Seventeen magazine:

One day we were filming, and there were these golf carts on set. I had to take advantage of that since I’m kinda the age you start learning how to drive. So I was like, “What’s better than starting to drive on a golf cart?” I was just hanging out on the golf cart and then, I see Benedict just driving one and I was like, “This is an opportunity. We’re gonna race.” So, I floored it and we were racing with our golf carts. I’d say that I won, although he has a different opinion on that. It was funny because it was so unexpected, but there was an entire crowd watching us do the whole thing and cheering us on

Now, there’s your Blu-Ray extra, right there!