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Benedict talks “Ironbark” with Entertainment Weekly

Benedict talks “Ironbark” with Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly published an article on Ironbark today, featuring an exclusive new official still and some comments from Benedict on the movie, which he described as “a story of a very average hero”. Take a look:

On his character, Greville Wynne, he said:

He was just a charming Welshman with the gift of the gab. […] He literally goes from being a rather charming businessman heading towards retirement, with a good sense of humor and a jolly manner, to being someone who is basically secreting Minox film cartridges about his case as he tos-and-fros to Moscow under the guise of being part of a British delegation of trade […] It’s a window into a world that’s not that far from our own, sadly, now, again, as far as how things heat up so quickly in politics and on the global stage. […] I think we forget how close we came to not existing anymore.

He also said that mastering his “sort of strange Welsh accent” which is “kind of upper-class, and not quite upper-class enough” was a challenge and so was having to lose a significant amount of weight in three months for just four scenes. He’s not complaining though:

It’s nothing compared to what [Wynne] went through. That’s the thing with these kinds of roles. People go, ‘Whoa, you did that?’ [But] you’re humbled by the reality, which is very far from what you have to do as an actor. And that helps you get there. That gives you all the motivation you need, frankly.”

He also expressed how thrilled he was to work with director Dominic Cooke again:

He’s very much an actor’s director, as well as a brilliant stager. I love his sensibility, and his take on character and relationship is key.

And told the magazine what he sees as the film’s ultimate message:

It is possible for us to be ordinary people that are capable of doing extraordinary things when the time comes, when the questions are asked […] I think that’s what it is — it’s quiet heroics in a very loud world.

You can read the full article on Entertainment Weekly’s website.

Benedict talks about Science and cinema to Physics World

Benedict talks about Science and cinema to Physics World

Read below a great interview Benedict gave to Physics World, the British Institute of Physics magazine, featured on this month’s issue but also available online.

Benedict Cumberbatch: the imitation game

By Andrew Glaster

Over the years I have spoken to scientists and actors alike for my podcast The Cosmic Shed, where we explore science and science fiction in equal measure. One actor I’ve interviewed who has portrayed several different scientists is Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s starred in three science-themed movies – first as the botanist Joseph Hooker in Creation (2009), then as the mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (2014), and most recently as the inventor Thomas Edison in The Current War (2019). He’s also played Stephen Hawking in the 2004 TV film Hawking and Werner Heisenberg in a BBC radio adaptation of Michael Frayn’s play Copenhagen (2013).

“I do like my scientists!” Cumberbatch laughed when I asked him how he had come to be cast in these roles. “I think it’s partly because of the way I look. I could never achieve anything like what these men [I’ve played] have achieved but I think what I can do is portray the thing about them which enabled them to achieve these things – that is their humanity.”

It’s the great stories that most attract Cumberbatch to these parts. For his role in Creation, it was the intimate friendship between Charles Darwin and Hooker that grabbed him, with the pair having exchanged more than 1200 letters over a period of almost 40 years. In one, for example, Darwin revealed how he was “particularly glad of our discussion after dinner; fighting a battle with you always clears my mind wonderfully”.

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Benedict Cumberbatch plays with puppies for BuzzFeed

Benedict Cumberbatch plays with puppies for BuzzFeed

Finally! The day has arrived and BuzzFeed Celeb uploaded to their Youtube channel the video of Benedict playing with puppies while answering fans questions. Cute doesn’t even begin to describe it. Watch it below

Check out our gallery to see screencaptures from the video:

Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Undercover on The Internet

Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Undercover on The Internet

GQ uploaded to their Youtube channel this hilarious video of Benedict going through the internet replying and correcting what’s being said about him online. Check it out below:

We also updated the gallery with the screencaptures of the video: